Isagenix representative CanadaHi, my name is Katie Copus.  I am a Health Coach for a company called Isagenix.  I got involved with this company when I saw the results my Mother was getting.  She had more energy than I had, she lost 60 lbs and she looked younger.  I tried it after my first baby as I was a mess.  Going through a marriage break up, financial collapse and much more.  It was time to get my act together and be the best Mom I could be for my son.  I found the products amazing, and used the healthy shakes through my second pregnancy and breast feeding..then baby girl came along and I did the same thing.  People complement me about my hair, my skin and my energy.  I knew I made the right choice as a Mother as the products gave me everything I needed.  Since then I have watched Actors, Actresses, athletes up to the Olympic level, famous football players and people just like me who are getting amazing results.    Look at the image above.  These are all athletes, authors, fitness models who are using this program.   They searched the Internet on how to lose weight, how to build lean muscle mass and they found us.  Their results went from losing 10 lbs right up to 400 lbs.  If you are a Mom wanting to lose those extra pounds, or an athlete looking for better nutrition we need to talk. In the meantime I need to update this photo as we now have Baby #3


Celebrity Slim Down – Isagenix Health and Wellness consultant

This is my personal website which is an introduction for the company that I promote.  The reason why I joined Isagenix was not because of a fancy commercial on television or from a glossy magazine.  My Mother heard about this healthy weight loss program and got amazing results.  I had just had my first son Jack and I was a mess.  Overweight, my hair was brittle, my skin was a mess and worst of all I was unhappy as I had gained so much weight.  I started on this healthy program and saw results in just a few weeks.  Soon I was in my pre pregnancy clothes and felt fantastic.  I went back to college where I got honors in makeup.  I am a professional makeup artist but my biggest joy turned into helping people get healthy and lose weight.  It is important to look good in my industry, but it was more about feeling good inside.   People kept asking me where they could buy it and that is when I decided to become a health coach for Isagenix.  

Fast forward to the pregnancy of my second child.  I had fallen off the wagon with Isagenix, and just with the stress of life and balancing work and being a Mom I started passing out at work.  I talked to my OB/GYN who happens to be one of the leading fertility doctors in this area suggested that I supplement my diet with protein shakes.  Within days I had more energy and was feeling great.  I used the Isalean shakes all through my pregnancy and while breastfeeding.  I am now expecting my third child and this has been the best pregnancy so far.  I know all pregnancies are different but looking back to how unhealthy I ate the first time compared to now..well it shows.  Check out photos of me on here.

As you can see.  My family looks amazing.  I have never felt so healthy in my life and I owe it all to Isagenix.  Please call the number on this website so I can show you exactly how to lose weight after pregnancy.  It is not just for new Moms, check out some of the articles here about Celebrities.

I chose the name of this website to be Celebrity Slim Down as we do have a lot of Celebrities who use these products.  From footballers, gymnasts, professional bodybuilders, Fitness Models, soccer players and hockey players.


Celebrities are NOT paid to endorse Isagenix.  They tell people about the products because the love and trust them.

 How people get to know about these amazing products is through word of mouth.  Clients who have lost 20 lbs up to 400 lbs!!!  You can do this too with the support of professional coaching (which is free)  Call today for an appointment to speak with me on the phone.

Frequently asked questions:

Is Isagenix sold in health food stores?

You can only buy Isagenix through a qualified Isagenix consultant and I would LOVE to help you with your first order.  We are trained and can suggest the right product for you.  Isagenix sold on Amazon and eBay?  If you buy from these websites you are missing out on the personal service, coaching, exclusive Facebook pages filled with 1,000’s of people who can answer all your questions and most of all the money back guarantee.  It is against company policy to sell products there and you could get out dated products and much worse.  Only buy from a qualified consultant who will have it shipped directly from the warehouse to your home.

What happens when I order with you? How long does it take? Is it delivered to my home?

When you order it from a consultant, we order it through our ordering system. It takes 2 business days to get to you. It is delivered by UPS. complete with the money back guarantee.

I want to order Isagenix but I am in another country. How can I order it from you?

Isagenix can only be sold in countries where it is approved for sale.  We have to go through stringent laws for products to be sold.  Please email me to find out if Isagenix is available in your country


Call the number below and ask for Katie – let’s talk about how I can help YOU