Breast milk for bodybuilding on Craigslist

breast milk for bodybuilders

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I meet a lot of bodybuilders and not one of them has admitted to buying breast milk.  They are using a high quality whey protein shake that gives them the protein that they need for pre or post workout.  So I really do not understand this article that I found below.  Looking at the bodybuilders who have won contests year after year I am sure have never used breast milk.   I know that there is only one product they will trust and it is isagenix and the Isa Pro Whey Protein shakes.  According to one of the leading nutritionist, Dr. Michael Colgan who runs the Colgan Institute, he only recommends Isagenix to his clients.  He has written several books on the subject of athletes and has worked with a variety of athletes.  It is a good book to read.  Back to breast milk.  If you look at the formulation of the Isagenix shakes you will see how close the formulation is to breast milk


Breast milk for body builders article


The creamy white stuff that bodybuilder is chugging next to you at the gym might not be a protein shake.

Human breast milk purchased online is being touted as the new fad in muscle-building nutrition, and some fitness enthusiasts in B.C. may be putting down their shaker bottles to pick up baby bottles for a pre-workout pump.

Jennifer Rowse, a nutritionist based in Langley, has sold her breast milk on Craigslist to two men who wanted it for “gym purposes,” she told The Province.

“It’s a carb, a fat and then lastly a protein — I can fully comprehend why they choose that,” she said.

“I understand protein shakes with amino acids to help rebuild muscle, that makes sense to me, but I guess this would be more of a pre-workout” drink.

Source: Young mothers sell breast milk

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