Hollywood Diet

Look in any magazine and there is a new diet being promoted by a Hollywood actress or actor.  Here are the facts:

  1. Most Hollywood Diet programs that you see will not be permanent or are very unhealthy if used on a long term basis
  2. You can never out exercise bad nutrition.  Your Hollywood Diet needs to start there
  3. This is the healthy weight loss program that does not pay ANYONE to promote.  So you only hear from people who have used it, LOVED it and shared with their friends
  4. This is NOT the official “Miracle 48 hr Hollywood diet”
  5. Ask our nutritionists what is the best foods to eat.  It does not include cookies and brownies. Our products only have the best ingredients, vitamins and minerals that you are not getting in your present diet.

What our program consists of is healthy eating.  We can show you thousands of people who have used this program for the last 12 years.  People just like you who have tried everything and failed.  You will see results, you will feel younger and have more energy.  Fat weighs you down, and you are what you eat.  Eat cleaner and your skin improves, eat cleaner and your sleep improves.  Why buy a so called Miracle Diet when this program has been tried and proven for over 12 years!!  We do not pay people to promote it.  You only hear from people who have had amazing results via word of mouth without any television advertising.  The products are available in Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and many more.  Olympic athletes,  professional athletes, lawyers, Medical doctors, Naturopaths and many other professionals swear by the results.

This healthy diet has got the attention of everyone in Hollywood and we are using our blog and Social Media to let more people know about it.  This is what you get with our program

  • A complete 30 day supply of healthy shakes and supplements with only the highest quality ingredients.  NO SOY
  • Free coaching and advice so that you get the best results
  • Access to a Nutritionist by phone
  • Access to your health and wellness coach via phone and email
  • Healthy products ~ complete programs to suit your individual needs
  • Thousands of testimonials from people who have lost 10 lbs up to 400 lbs and kept it off
  • Complete instructions on how to maintain the weight once you have lost it
  • Why this kind of Hollywood Diet will make you feel younger, have more energy, better sleep and lasting results
  • Celebrity Professional trainers will show you that you need top of the line nutritional products to get the best results in the gym.  We will show you what the recommend

You can NOT buy these products in a store.


This program is better than the Hollywood Diet because you get your own personal coach with the program.

Make an appointment or call the number below

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