Isagenix reviews

Isagenix reviews

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Isagenix reviews ~ What information is important

First of all when you read the word unbiased what does that mean to you? According to the dictionary: showing no prejudice for or against something, impartial. I spent a lot of time reading a so called unbiased blog from a person who calls themselves a Holistic Health Coach who did an Isagenix review.  Let’s look at the qualifications first before we get to the review.  What training is involved to become a Holistic Health Coach?   I googled nutritionist in my own city and found a lady who called herself a Holistic Nutritionist.  Last year she worked behind the counter in the mall as a makeup artist.  On the other hand, a Registered Nutritionist can only be registered after FOUR YEARS.  My argument, is would you take the advice from someone who got a certificate after one year and calls themselves a Holistic Health coach or an actual Registered Nutritionist.  Also, please note that only a Registered Nutritionist can assist people who have been diagnosed with a disease.  This is VERY important to know, and I say this because I have been conned in the past.  Ignorance is NOT bliss.

On one Isagenix reviews page I heard a Holistic health coach talk about not recommending buying nutritional products that were processed. Unless you pick a tomato and eat it off a vine there is a process involved. But as soon as you pick it, boil it, take the skin off, then there is a process involved.  Her unbiased blog actually promotes her services and gets attention through her reviews of companies like Isagenix and Herbalife.  But wait, she is promoting another product while she critiques other companies.  She actually promotes Do Terra. Now for anyone who owns a website or blog, getting traffic can be very hard.  You either have to do Google Ads, promote yourself on Facebook (through ads) or find something controversial and write about it and attract people to your site that way.  The information that I read on this person’s blog can not be taken seriously for two reasons.  She does not have the knowledge or experience to criticize any nutritional company.  Her claim to fame is she has an ebook, and she took a one year course on Nutrition and feels she is now an expert on all nutritional products.  Anyone can write an ebook.  When asked if her ebook could be purchased in hard back she has told people it is only available in an electronic format.  Why not publish a book?  Experts publish hard back books.

Who would you trust to do an actual Isagenix review.

Would you trust people who use the product and have proof.  Or maybe through a video like the one below who lost 100-400 lbs?  Or the 12,000 people who attend the events with healthy weight loss testimonials or a person who posts unbiased Isagenix reviews who is only a Holistic Coach.


At the end of the day, you must look at who is doing a review before you believe what they say.  Isagenix has been written about in numerous publications, including Popular Science and even the Nutrition Journal  I have not seen one study written by this Holistic Coach, or any publication that has featured any of her articles.  You can make your own decision on how much of an expert she is.

Isagenix reviews the facts

First of all check all the testimonials from people who have lost weight or regained their health.  There are literally millions of proven testimonials from Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and China from individuals who have lost over 200 lbs and maintained their weight loss.  Now, some of these people had considered weight loss surgery which we all know has risks.   Yes, Isagenix is sold through an MLM company but is that a reason not to buy it if it works??  There is a good reason WHY it is sold through Network Marketing.   People who use Isagenix are products of the product, who better to tell you how they lost weight and how you can do it as well.  Otherwise, the alternative would be to put in in grocery stores, or even health food stores and then how would you hear how amazing it was.   Do people make money by selling Isagenix?  Of course they do, but is it their motive?  When was the last time you got paid for recommending a person or a product to a friend.  Why not make extra money promoting a product.  If you use it, it works, then there is not an issue.  Every single person in the world makes money recommending something.  Your hairdresser promotes products that sales people promote to them, your car sales man recommends extended warranties, your Doctor recommends a particular type of prescription based on information from sales people who call at their offices.  All these people recommend products that they may or may not use.  As an Isagenix consultant, you have to be using the products in order to recommend them to friends.  Makes sense now right?


Isagenix reviews the proof

With thousands of people in a group called the 100 pound club, you will see individuals who have gotten their lives back

for more information please visit this Isagenix website or  make an appointment through the contact page.

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