All of us need advice some days and I know from experience how difficult parenting can be these days, so I decided to post advice and tips to help us with our little kiddies!! l know how stressful it can all be sometimes, I imagined when I was little that when I grew up I was going to have these perfectly behaved children that were super quiet and did everything I asked of them….Oh boy was I mistaken, wouldn’t it be a perfect world!!!

To all those mom’s and dad’s that went through having a colicky baby I applaud you and believe me it will get easier and one day it will magically go away, been there done that and left standing next to my son’s crib scratching my head saying “that was it?’

To all those frazzled parents not getting any sleep, or kids not eating what they should be eating…I could go on forever, Just remember it gets easier… Hang in there friends you are in for a bumpy ride but never forget to cherish every minute of it.  The love you will feel when you look in to your  teacup humans eyes is the most amazing love you will ever feel in your life!!!

Feel free to contact me if you have a question or comment about my advice I would love to hear from you, we all know that no one is perfect and I could still benefit from other parents advice.



August 21st, 2013

So summer is almost done and I can join with you and say how stressful these coming weeks can be with back to school shopping and kids getting grumpy with their routines getting back to normal again. But lets spend this quality time and come up with some great home made ideas on how to keep our little ones amused.

My son Jack is 4 and super creative, which I love because our craft room is out of this world….the other day we make a “treasure map” and all we did was grab one of his toys and hid it in the back yard, we had a blast making the map and using our walkie talkies to find his toy.

Remember with Kids it’s the little things that count

Try getting your kids involved with back to school planning writing lists, going thru your local flyers and having them circle what they need for School.



August 21st

This is a whole new level of tired and  I really hope that this “phase” doesn’t last long! My little guy Carter is 4 months old and was up for 3hrs in the middle of the night. He has a never ending appetite and eats a full 8oz bottle in the middle of the night but if I feed his cereal in the afternoon he is up all night long, feeling beaten and I can only imagine how he feels. I am trying to wake up with the best attitude possible for my 4 year old but I’m having a hard time keeping him amused as well, with the summer winding down and all!



August 22nd

Ok so I’m trying to hold it together!! I am having such a crazy day between back to school, finding clothes for 2 growing boys, and planning a 5th birthday…I’m going nuts. My son couldn’t have picked a more difficult theme then Pirates…(p.s. not as easy as you think) and me being the crafty mom and wanting to make his invitations. I have had such a hard time finding all the stuff we needed so I am going to try and make things myself, and after it all I think I did ok!

Stay tuned for Pics of our Invitations to Captain Jack’s 5th Birthday Project.


August 23rd

Today I spent all day making Jack’s Birthday invitations and let me tell you what a challenge and huge project it has become, Oh and let me add that I’m being the brave mom who is sending an invitation to every child in Jack’s class since I don’t know who any of them are….fingers crossed not all of them say they are coming because that will be the craziest 3 hours of my life so far.

I took Pics of every step of the process of Pirate Map invitations so if any of you parents out there are planning a pirate party you can use these steps to help you out.

Things you will need: paper ( the thicker it is the longer it takes to stain),  stainless bowl, tea bags, gloves so your nails dont go brown, pan deep enough to soak paper in, baking sheets for baking paper, candle to burn edges ( have a bowl of water near by to control the burn by putting out the flames on paper)

Step one: Presoak your tea bags in a bowl add coffee if you would like ( I did as my paper was thinker then normal paper)

tea staining pirate paper

Step two: Crumple your paper rip around edges make it look ruined as this will add to the effect after you are finished.










Step Three: start to dab the tea onto your paper being careful to get in all the creases before you soak the whole page, then pour enough tea so it soakes the page. I had many pages on the go because I used thick paper which needed to soak longer and plus it looks alot older the longer is soaks.

tea staining aging paper

aging tea staining paperStep four: put your paper on a cookie sheet and bake in the oven at 250 F for 5-7mins

aging paper pirate invitationStep five: this step is optional I reapplied tea using the teabag for more effect and I loved it, the tea really got into the cracks of the newly baked paper.

pirate invitation agingaging paper









Step six: time to burn the edges, please be very careful this paper goes up fast not that is has been baked, I used a sponge and a bowl of water to dab the paper where I wanted it to stop burning because blowing out the flame doesn’t work…believe me!!!

pirate invitation aging

Step seven: Time to design, be creative have fun, use stamps they look amazing here are 2 examples of my finished produces sorry I covered my personal info on one of them but you get the idea

pirate party ideaspirate party ideasI hope this helps with your project, have fun…I did



August 26th

Sorry everyone what a crazy weekend, double baptism and all. I can’t believe how messy my house got I feel like I just cleaned it, I once heard this saying and it made me laugh so I am sharing it with you all ” cleaning your house with children around is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos”  I know you parents can relate, and the worst part about my house is that my little baby hasn’t even started to crawl yet…..Yikes!!!


 August 27th

I think I’m starting to take on way to much, I have now decided to to make all the cupcakes, cake pops and cake…which I have never done but the good ol bulk barn should come in handy for me to get this next project done right…wish me luck. Pics to follow!


August 28th

Today I found the best cake maker and she was in my neighborhood so I don’t have to make the cake pops and cake which is sooooo amazing because lets face it I may enjoy arts and crafts but I am no baker. We came up with some ideas together and I will have some pics for you guys when it’s done.


August 29th

So I’m getting super  far behind in all my crafts, this birthday is becoming huge so I will take a little break from writing and I will post after the party with all the fun pictures and stories, have a good week friends.