Hey there another little piece of information about myself…..I’m a Makeup Artist, I graduated with Honors which was a very proud day for me!!! I love all things pretty, colourful, wild and crazy. I will be sharing on a daily basis some of my Makeup Tips and Pics up for you all to see!!

I’m so excited to show this side of me as this is a big passion of mine!! Weight loss and feeling good go hand in hand and I think that after you lose a little weight there is nothing better then getting all dolled up with a little makeup and a great outfit that you have been staring at in the closet just dying to fit into!!

One of my favourite things to do is to treat my clients to a makeover after they have reached a goal of theirs!! Just imagine how amazing you would feel hitting that goal weight then strutting your stuff lookin all gorgeous, and this is my feel good moment I have had it and let me tell you how amazing it feels.

Here is a pic of me at my weight loss goal all glammed up, fake lashes and all…and let me tell you how great it felt!!!!!


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