How do Celebrities slim down.  Some do crazy fad diets, others get personal trainers which is much healthier.  It is a lifestyle change.


Here are several people I have found in magazines that have done really well.  Seth Rogen  looks amazing.  What a weight loss success story!!  And Kelly Osbourne  WOW



Jennifer Hudson

She is a spokesperson for Weight Watchers.  She looks amazing

Kirstie Alley and Jorden Sparks

Poor Kirstie has been on an emotional roller coaster with diets.  Jorden of Americal Idol fame has done very well

Many celebrities are turning to personal trainers

They are recommending Isagenix


It is the healthiest program as it is not a diet.  It takes 21 days to develop a new habit.  Isagenix sells a 30 day program with everything you need.  Your body stops craving sugar and salt.  You do a cellular cleanse and which helps eliminate the toxins caused from stress, what you eat and the environment.