Celebrities are not paid to promote Isagenix.  They use the products to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or get their energy back and they tell their friends.


What Celebrities use Isagenix??



Australian boxer Billy “The Kid” Dibb is the 2011 IBF Featherweight World Champion; a dedicated Isagenix® product user…and now he’s preparing to defend his title in a big match in Connecticut on March 1.

Billy will face unbeaten Evgeny Gradovich from Russia in the ring in the MGM Grand Theater at The Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut. This will be Billy’s first fight under his new management with rap artist 50 Cent.

Billy has never lost a match with Isagenix. Billy has found his secret weapon “I wanted to keep Isagenix a secret from the other fighters because I didn’t want them to get the advantages I was getting from it.”


Billy shared prior to his 2011 win,“Isagenix allows me to control my weight, improve my recovery time and increase my reflexes. It has helped me take my performance in the ring to a new level.”Billy “the kid” Dibb 2011 Featherweight






Lori Harder Isagenix Athlete



 As a natural bikini and figure competitor, Lori recently won the Overall Titles of Figure America and Bikini America in Las Vegas, is an OhYeah!-sponsored athlete and regularly graces the pages of every fitness woman’s favorite mag, Oxygen Magazine. Lori has worked hard on her figure, and is one of Isagenix most known faces, she has come a long way in her life and after years of learning, competing and training she is now a Personal Trainer and nutritional consultant with her own studio.  Lori has said “I am blessed to be a CSF Ambassador which means I get to help coach girls for competing”.

Isagenix has improved my body and taken my fitness to a whole new level. I swear by it and would only recommend a product I truly believe in to my clients and loved ones. I use Isagenix products every day and only wish I found it sooner! I have never felt better or seen more results from my clients.~ Lori Harder


Joe Andruzzi: New England Patriots Superbowl champ




Father of five, cancer-survivor, three time New England Patriots Super Bowl champ looked to Isagenix after fighting cancer. The kind of strain that sports puts on your body can be hard at times so alot of Athletes turn to Isagenix to support their bodies. Hear Joe’s story below.




Yves Dourin

Yves Drouin is 44. He’s already been a champion in arm wrestling and strongman competitions. Yves has said “They call me The Hammond Strongman,” he says with a chuckle.  His son is 21, his daughter is 18. His wife Diane asked him recently: ‘What’s next?’

“As a joke, I told her bullriding,” says Drouin, who has worked for the federal government as a cartographer for 20 years. “She’s always supported me.”

He decided to try wrestling. “I never limit myself. I’m thinking WWE,” says Drouin. “I’d like to take Hulk Hogan, Dino Bravo and Macho Man Randy Savage and merge all three. That would become me in the ring. But if it doesn’t happen, I can do this locally.”


“Wrestling is a dream I had when I was 14. I was a real skinny guy. And I always wanted to look like Raymond Rougeau”.Yves Drouin Wrestler