The Celebrity wedding diet

Yikes you go for a dress fitting and find that you have gained 5 pounds.  All the stress of planning a wedding, what is a girl to do?   We sometimes get so caught up in the planning of the flowers, cake, hall, guest list, and most importantly the honeymoon that we forget hey I ordered my dress I better NOT gain any weight. Here are some tips to those upcoming brides who want to avoid those extra expenses of letting your dress out!!

Some of the crazy things we will try like the soup diet do not work, you want to have energy the day of your wedding and soup will not cut it ladies, I know you have all tried some crazy things to get ready for your big day but hear me out and I promise the energy you will have after using our system will keep you going all day on your special day!!!


Celebrities are not the only ones who are hearing about


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Celebrities getting married

That all special day when your hunny gets down on one knee and says those 4 little words that will change your life forever can start that crazy nervous feeling for us woman for example, Oh my god I need to order a dress… book the hall etc….

This is all such an amazing experience for some but when Celebrities do it all we have to say is….WOW!!!!!! All those beautiful rings and wedding planners to the stars that just make the day magic…well here are a few of those Celebs that are getting married and we will answer how they will shed the last 5 pounds to fit into that designer dress, what diet they will choose, and most of all the RINGS!!!!!


celebrity cakes

celebrity wedding ring

celebrity wedding dresses


jamie lynn spears gets engaged

Jamie-Lynn Spears just announced that she is getting married on Twitter and posting a picture on Instagram of her amazing ring, she is finally marrying her boyfriend of 3 years Jamie Watson, we are so happy about this couple they look so happy and we know the amazing future they have ahead of them!!   We seriously doubt that Jamie-Lynn will be needing to lose any weight to fit into her dream dress!!


 brad pitt and angelina jolie's wedding

brad pitt and angelina jolies wedding


We have heard rumors that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will tie the note this year after a very big surprise engagement, we can only imagine how family oriented it will be with all the kids involved, we can’t imagine Angelina wearing a giant ballgown we thing again she will go for the simpler dress and wedding as we all know that Angie has been staying with the basics in her life.

snooki is engaged

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is said to be getting married this year…well that’s what her fiance Jionni Lavalle says. Nicole has said that even if her love for leopard can be left behind for her big day, the bridesmaids will wear the signature print to add that Snooki flare. No date has been set as they are both said to be focusing on little Lorenzo before moving forward.

“Marriage is so hard to plan. It’s a great thing to go through. You only want to do it once, hypothetically. We want to do it right with no pressure, but if kids come along the way beforehand, so be it.”

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi



avril lavigne engagement ring


One of Canada’s best secret’s revealed was the that Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroger were not only dating they were engaged. After knowing each other for a short while, Avril has said that she will either design her own gown or partner with someone to design it, we can only imagine how wild her dress will be!!!    Chad told a reporter lately that Avril is planning a very unique wedding, maybe something that no one has seen before..maybe alittle rock and roll. We personally can’t wait to see their amazing wedding.




Anyone knows that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are getting married any minute and it’s anyone’s guess if it will be a quiet affair or a big beautiful wedding like her past wedding with Brad Pitt. We have heard little whispers that it may be around March 8th,  it just maybe a quiet small wedding but we also know that Jennifer’s dress will be breathtaking what ever choice she makes!!!!



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