celebrity diet secrets

infection from implants

Celebrity Diet Secrets

Every magazine has a celebrity on the cover that has just had a baby, battling weight loss, too skinny (anorexic/bullemic) all because of public pressure to be perfect. Can you imagine living under that permanent scrutiny. Jann Arden a Canadian singer and songwriter has had so many comments about her weight, Adele who reached an epic level of success was also described not as a beautiful woman but a bountiful one??

Be smart – don’t follow the Celebrity fads

Are implants worth it?

The worst photo I have seen is this recent one:  Andressa Urach, 27, a model spent a month in intensive care and feared she would lose her leg after fillers ‘rotted’ her muscles and had to be removed, triggering a life-threatening infection.  All this to have a bigger butt??

infection from implants

If you read the stories according to Today.com you will agree that you can NOT out exercise bad nutrition.  Get your diet in order first.  I feel bad for all these celebrities.  They are either being criticized for being too fat or too skinny.  Can you imagine seeing your photo in every magazine talking about you like your a piece of meat.  Look at US weekly or any magazine and you will see a celebrity every month talking about their surgery, weight loss gimmick, fad diet but not promoting the healthiest diet out there.

Being a celebrity also puts you on the weight loss companies radar. Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Hudson being two of the female celebrities that have promoted Weight Watchers. But this year we see shares in Weight Watchers going down. They say “Though Americans spend about $66 billion on diet and low calorie products, only about 1 in 10 rely on a formal program such as Weight Watchers to lose weight” A lot of people are too busy to go to meetings and we have seen an increase in people wanting personal coaching, invites to private/invitation only groups on Facebook and phone help. They also do not want to be penalized for missing an appointment and always have questions that they can only get answered at the meetings.  This can be frustrating and often people fall of their diets because of a lack of really good support

And what about the Garcinia Cambodia claims??  There was a study in 1998 that found  there aren’t any weight-loss benefits and that all the websites promoting celebrities using it are lying.  It was proven that there is no solid scientific evidence to support many of these health claims and says that many of the issues with garcinia cambogia is that it overlooks the only true weight loss formula of eating healthy foods in proper portions and maintaining an active lifestyle, and offers to fix all of your health problems with a nonexistent miracle pill.  I nearly fell for this convincing ads myself until I tried Isagenix and realized it was really the only one that had a complete 30 day program that actually worked.

celebrity diet secrets

The difference between the healthy program that celebrities are using now, is that they are not being paid to promote it. The company that celebrities are flocking to is not new. It has been around for over 12 years and has grown gradually into countries like Australia, New Zealand and now the Asian market as the obesity numbers grow worldwide. The celebrities that we spoke to said that word spreads by word of mouth which is the best way. If you love something, you tell your friends. Olympic athletes, NFL players, television presenters, actors and actresses are losing weight and inches and doing it the healthy way. Plus they get amazing customer support and advice for free. A nutritionist you can call twice a day with questions and some of the leading nutritionist in the world that are on a panel of experts that continue to add to the product line.

What is the program that they are all using now?

Isagenix Health and Weight loss program

Famous authors including Jack Canfield and John Gray (author of Men are from Mars) use this products and look how great they look.  The list of celebrities is long, but many of them keep it a secret and we respect that.    This is much more than a weight loss program though.  The vitamins and minerals that have been formulated into this program, and the anti aging Product B which is sold exclusively with Isagenix are the key reasons why so many people are doing it.  The next time you see a top celebrity who will not say what they did to lose weight it could be this program.

You could be a celebrity yourself.  Isagenix holds a contest for people just like you.  Watch this video of real people getting amazing results.  They win cash, appear on stage, appear in magazines and inspire hundreds of other people.  This could be YOU


Want to see some testimonials of people who have lost weight using Isagenix?  Know someone who is struggling to lose 100, 200 or 300 lbs?  There is hope and this program has the proof.  Weight loss surgery has risks and should be reserved for cases where serious health issues and failed long term lifestyle interventions have occurred. The risks also include nutrition deficiencies, 5% success rate and death.


The best part unlike other programs is their 30 day money back guarantee and personal FREE coaching


This is not a fad diet, or the latest celebrity fad diet.  The proof is on the wall of the corporate office and the people who appear on stage every year who are celebrating their weight loss.  What do you have to lose? What other company offers a product guarantee, FREE coaching, contests, prizes and lots of accountability


I know you will have thousands of questions, please do not hesitate to make an appointment to chat.  If you have seen the results of friends and family and are ready to buy, please call our email us as there is FREE shipping for a limited period only.

celebrity diet secrets


Celebrity slim down – how Celebrities have slimmed down

How do Celebrities slim down.  Some do crazy fad diets, others get personal trainers which is much healthier.  It is a lifestyle change.


Here are several people I have found in magazines that have done really well.  Seth Rogen  looks amazing.  What a weight loss success story!!  And Kelly Osbourne  WOW



Jennifer Hudson

She is a spokesperson for Weight Watchers.  She looks amazing

Kirstie Alley and Jorden Sparks

Poor Kirstie has been on an emotional roller coaster with diets.  Jorden of Americal Idol fame has done very well

Many celebrities are turning to personal trainers

They are recommending Isagenix


It is the healthiest program as it is not a diet.  It takes 21 days to develop a new habit.  Isagenix sells a 30 day program with everything you need.  Your body stops craving sugar and salt.  You do a cellular cleanse and which helps eliminate the toxins caused from stress, what you eat and the environment.