The Celebrity Cleanse

Celebrities have tried the Master Cleanse but do not know  the risks.  650 calories a day?  Are they crazy?

Read below and then read about the Cleanse they are now using, which is much safer.  Most people think of colon cleanses which are so gross.  The cleanse we recommend is so healthy, you will not even know your doing it.  No extra bath room breaks.  It is a cellular cleanse.  Watch the video below to find out more.

The Master cleanse ~ Lemonade Diet

Most people love the idea of doing a cleanse as it will flush toxins out of the body – but at what cost?

Basically say GOODBYE to real solid food for a whole 10 days!!This is a really great product! I can’t believe how easy it was to set up and use!  It is free, BUT at what cost? I heard a rumor that Beyonce used it for her role in dreamgirls (correct me if I am wrong)

Beyonce used the master cleanse

Ready for the Master cleanse recipe




You need lemons or lime juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water.  Basically 4 cups of salt water each morning, followed by a cup of herbal laxative (sound yummy?) tea at night, and 6-12 glasses throughout the day of the concoction they call the lemonade.


Will you lose weight with the Master cleanse?

Let’s see, you are eating fewer than 650 calories, taking nightly laxatives.  You are losing weight but also losing lean muscle mass.  The cleanse that we recommend does NOT do that.


The Dangers of the Master Cleanse

See below for the health risks, but as Beyonce said.  She gained it back and more.  Our bodies are NOT science experiments.  There is a safe way to cleanse.  Read Below about the SAFE cleanse

What are the health risks?

Possible risks include:  nutrient deficiencies, a weakened immune system, the laxatives can cause dehydration and could affect heart or kidney conditions.  Side effects reported have been:  Fatigue (Of course, some people do this for 30 days), nausea, vomiting, pain, irritability (you have not eaten solid food for 30 days your ready to eat your dog by that time) Always, ALWAYS consult with your doctor before doing something as radical as this!!


So ~ you are wondering what the safe alternative is?? 

Watch this video

If this cleanse is good enough for celebrity trainers, fitness models, Moms trying to lose those extra baby pounds.  Then what are you waiting for?

The Isagenix cleanse for life and all the products have a 30 day money back guarantee.  If you are not happy with the product you simply call them and arrange for a refund.


Where can I buy the Isagenix cleanse? 

**Please not that It is NOT sold in stores**

and can only be purchased

through a qualified consultant. 

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Hollywood trainers recommend Isagenix to celebrities

All the celebrities in Hollywood keep asking “What is Isagenix and where can I buy it”  Celebrity professional trainers know the secret and why more people need to do this healthy weight loss/health program.  It incorporates a healthy cold pressed whey protein shake that is made in New Zealand as there are less toxins there.  It has 24 g of undenatured protein, 8 g of Dietary Fibre, 23 vitamins and minerals, it is low glycemic, free of gluten and soy and has active enzymes to aid digestion.  Sounds a lot better than other so called healthy protein shakes out there doesn’t it?

The key to this successful program is the Cleanse.  Unlike the Master Cleanse, also been known as the Lemonade Diet the Cleanse for Life product is very healthy.  We would like you to learn how good it is for you and where you can buy Cleanse for Life.

Where can you buy Isagenix
Isagenix does not sell its products on TV or stores.  Why?  They want you to have your own personal coach, so they will only sell it through qualified consultants.  We treat all your information confidentially and will make sure that you reach your weight loss or health goals.  Isagenix also does not pay anyone to endorse their products.  The photos you see below are famous trainers and professional models who chose Isagenix for its health benefits.  Please use our contact form below to book your private (confidential) phone call.

Nutritional Cleansing explained, please click on the image below to read about Isagenix and the best nutritional cleansing program.


Isagenix Hollywood where to buy

Please watch this video, it is the only way to describe what happens before and after a cleanse.


Watch Dr. Michael Colgan, an International research scientist as he explains why you need Isagenix


If you are an actress, actor, professional trainer, or a doctor in Hollywood isn’t it time that you joined Isagenix.  Call me at the number to the right of this screen to make a private phone appointment or fill in the contact form below or click on the button below to order.  It will take 2 business days to receive your products.:


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