We are thrilled to hear of the news of a Royal Baby.   See the digitized baby photo that someone came up with.  Pretty amazing if the baby did look like that.   It has been a long time since there was a baby at the Palace.  Kate Middleton is all a glow.  I wonder where she will buy her Maternity Clothes.  I shopped at Mothercare, but somehow I think she will find a few designers that will make some beautiful outfits.  Will it be a Boy or girl?  Do you know about BABY REVEAL parties?  I do not think it would take off in England.  The most popular way to reveal the sex of the baby is with a cake. The expectant parents will slice a white or other gender-neutral- colored cake in front of family and friends.  And the insides reveal pink or blue. Sara Gramling, vice president of public relations for Magnolia Bakery, said cupcakes are becoming the new rage. “When the guests and parents take a bite into the cupcake, it’s revealed if they’re having a boy or girl with the different color butter creams — pink or blue. It’s a nice way for everyone to find out together.”


Boy or Girl for Kate Middleton

One person has gone as far as predicting what their new baby will look like!!




Just for fun.  What do you think it will be?  Boy or girl?



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