New fad diet from the UK

Ok so I was driving today and heard on the radio the craziest fad diet yet: It’s called the Fast Diet it is backed by a doctor which is the craziest thing and you will understand why when I tell you. So back to it….the fast diet is…ready for it….eating what ever you want for 5 days then fasting for 2 days only 600 calories a day, have you ever heard such a crazy thing?? they say that it puts your body into fat burning mode!  One thing you will find out about diets is that many of them do not provide the right nutritional supplements.

We can’t believe a doctor would back such a crazy idea, doctors only get about 30 minutes of training in Nutrition.  We will only trust a program that is backed by a scientific board which includes leading nutritionists including Dr. Michael Colgan   We can’t see how this is healthy at all for your body if anything this would teach your body to STORE the fat because it goes into fat storing mode

Turns out this doctor is a science guy who has a lot of TV shows about….Science and Medical health, to us we wouldn’t follow advice about a fad diet…..

Too many fad diets

causing extreme health problems!!.

What people have said:

We need safe, healthy weight loss programs with results that last.  This photo shows what could happen to people.

We want expert coaching – if someone shows us how to lose weight safely we will do it.

We want a program with real testimonials

From several Pinterest posts.


Watch these emotional videos and say to yourself

Life is too short to be trapped in an overweight and unhealthy body

Jill Birth entered the Isabody challenge and won.  Do you think this made a big difference in her life?


This is Craig Isabody Coleman, he won the 2012 Isabody Challenge.

What program did they use?

It is called Isagenix

And it IS  a healthy weight loss program

Why Isagenix is so good:

Our meal replacement shakes have 24 g of undenatured protein, 8 g of dietary fibre, 23 vitamins and minerals, it is low glycemic, free of gluten and soy, active enzymes to aid digestion.  No artificial flavors or colors as well.  And perfect for Adults of all ages, Athletes, nursing mothers (not for weight loss but for the vitamins).  Contact us regarding teens.


Fad diets, emotional eating, eating disorders will cause people to look like the photo above.  Isn’t it time to tell these doctors that they need to put peoples health first.  The LOVE the program that I am on because I know how great it makes me feel and the great results I get.


Isagenix has been around for 11 years and has had amazing results…take a look for yourself you will wonder why you have not tried this before.   Believe me I have tried fad diets…I tried the soup diet, after 6 diet, Atkins etc, ..they don’t work they make you tired and lethargic and just isn’t worth putting your body through!!


Buy Isagenix here We could go on all day on the daily results and happy clients that have changed their lives but we would rather you take the chance and stop with the fads and do something for yourself…the very last thing you will ever try.  This is a lifestyle change where you will lose weight and condition your stomach to expect less and we show you how to maintain the loss as well.


To Order Isagenix






Isagenix, Isogenix, Isogenax are all ways that we have seen it spelled on the Internet the correct spelling is Isagenix.

The Celebrity wedding diet

Yikes you go for a dress fitting and find that you have gained 5 pounds.  All the stress of planning a wedding, what is a girl to do?   We sometimes get so caught up in the planning of the flowers, cake, hall, guest list, and most importantly the honeymoon that we forget hey I ordered my dress I better NOT gain any weight. Here are some tips to those upcoming brides who want to avoid those extra expenses of letting your dress out!!

Some of the crazy things we will try like the soup diet do not work, you want to have energy the day of your wedding and soup will not cut it ladies, I know you have all tried some crazy things to get ready for your big day but hear me out and I promise the energy you will have after using our system will keep you going all day on your special day!!!


Celebrities are not the only ones who are hearing about


  • It is not a fad diet
  • The company has been helping people lose weight and get healthy for over TEN years.
  • How much can you lose with Isagenix?  20 , 30, 40, 50 or even 100 – 200 lbs safely
  • This is by far the healhiest diet program you will find.  No weighing of food and no meetings to attend.
  • Very easy to do even for busy travellers.
  • Soon to be brides AND grooms do this diet and love it
  • Thousands of testimonials from satisfied clients.

If you want more information regarding Isagenix, please call the toll free number to the right of this page, or use the contact form below.

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