I am so tired of hearing and seeing videos about Isagenix being a scam.  If you look close at any of the videos about Isagenix being a scam you will see that the sole purpose of putting up the videos is to 1.  Get your attention and 2.  To sell you something OTHER than Isagenix.

Isagenix is a 10 year old company.  There are literally thousands of fad diets, and companies that fail within two years.  But Isagenix is expanding every year with products and new countries where they are available.  The products are sold in these countries and when they were launched:

U.S.A , Puerto Rico (March 2003), Canada (January 2005), Hong Kong (March 2007), Australia/New Zealand (September 2007), Taiwan (April 2008) and Mexico (August 2010). – See more at: http://celebrityslimdown.isagenix.com/ca/en/management_intl.html#sthash.pxtDOlt5.dpuf  Isagenix is even launching in Singapore this year.  It is not available in England, Scotland, Ireland or Wales yet.

Watch this video regarding Isagenix and ask yourself.  Is this a company I can trust?  Will they provide the healthy products I need to lose weight, or gain energy.

Where can you buy Isagenix in Canada?

  • Is it sold in stores?  No, Isagenix is ONLY sold through qualified consultants.  To order, simply call the toll free number you see to the right of this post, or fill in the form below.  Click here if you would like to order directly from the Isagenix consultant website for Canada and the United States
  • How much weight can you lose?  Weight loss varies with each person.  We have seen an average of 20 lbs but this is not guaranteed.  It varies between men and women, age, if they are taking prescriptions etc.
  • I have seen it advertised on Kijiji is it cheaper there?  It is against the terms of service for anyone to sell the products in this way.  If you do see someone selling the products please know that you do not get a money back guarantee and the freshness of the product can not be guaranteed.  Most of the time it is people who have bought the products, did not finish them and decide to sell them online.  Be warned.  Also when you purchase from a qualified consultant you get professional advice, access to a leading nutritionist and much more.  This is an amazing product, and you deserve to get the best service and support.


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