breast milk for body building

Breast milk for bodybuilding on Craigslist

breast milk for bodybuilders

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I meet a lot of bodybuilders and not one of them has admitted to buying breast milk.  They are using a high quality whey protein shake that gives them the protein that they need for pre or post workout.  So I really do not understand this article that I found below.  Looking at the bodybuilders who have won contests year after year I am sure have never used breast milk.   I know that there is only one product they will trust and it is isagenix and the Isa Pro Whey Protein shakes.  According to one of the leading nutritionist, Dr. Michael Colgan who runs the Colgan Institute, he only recommends Isagenix to his clients.  He has written several books on the subject of athletes and has worked with a variety of athletes.  It is a good book to read.  Back to breast milk.  If you look at the formulation of the Isagenix shakes you will see how close the formulation is to breast milk


Breast milk for body builders article


The creamy white stuff that bodybuilder is chugging next to you at the gym might not be a protein shake.

Human breast milk purchased online is being touted as the new fad in muscle-building nutrition, and some fitness enthusiasts in B.C. may be putting down their shaker bottles to pick up baby bottles for a pre-workout pump.

Jennifer Rowse, a nutritionist based in Langley, has sold her breast milk on Craigslist to two men who wanted it for “gym purposes,” she told The Province.

“It’s a carb, a fat and then lastly a protein — I can fully comprehend why they choose that,” she said.

“I understand protein shakes with amino acids to help rebuild muscle, that makes sense to me, but I guess this would be more of a pre-workout” drink.

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Perez Hilton congratulations Daddyhood suits you

Perez Hilton is a Dad!!  How exciting.  I have been watching his tweets under #PoppaPerez every day.  I hope I see more photos of your little guy soon.  I  wanted to send a personal invitation to him via this post


Perez Hilton and Sweet P







Perez if you are reading this:

  • I am one of your biggest Canadian fans
  • I am also going to be celebrating the birth of my second son
  • Your website is the one that I go to first thing in the morning and the last thing at night
  • I have something very important to share with you so please read my post.

I was so happy to hear that you were taking better care of your health and lost a lot of weight.  And now that your a Dad it is even more important to take care of yourself.  Wait till your little guy starts crawling, then will need all the energy you can get!!



You are one wild and crazy guy and have not seen a photo yet where you were not smiling from ear to ear.



Look at the difference…not sure of the time difference but you look so much healthier and YOUNGER!!.

Well I am not sure how you lost your weight, but here is my story:


I would like to start with my very own testimonial, in 2008 my son Jack was born. He was a very healthy 9lbs 6oz and I was a very unhealthy Mom at almost 300lbs. I decided that as a Mom I needed to take better care of myself because my body was so toxic. My skin was horrible. I had NO ENERGY and the gruelling challenges of being a new Mom took its toll on me. My Mother was using Isagenix and suggested I try it. Being the skeptic I was, it took me awhile before I finally said yes. I didn’t really understand at first how it could help but was willing to try, as I saw the amazing results my Mother had. I set a goal to lose 10lbs and let me tell you, I felt it was so easy. Before long I was feeling fantastic had tons of energy and was down 20lbs, double what I had set my goal at…as a new mom the confidence it gave me was unreal!!! Before long I had lost almost 100lbs and weighed less then my pre-pregnancy weight and that was truly amazing!!! I am now pregnant with my second son who is due next month and have been taking most of the Isagenix products every morning…here is a little secret from me to youThe shakes are great to drink while you are pregnant, it gives you the most amazing energy and a lot of vitamins!. I plan on staying with this amazing product even after my son is born, and will be back to my pre-pregnancy weight and feeling even more amazing in no time. I have never shared my pictures before because I can’t believe how bad I let my weight get away from me but the proof is in the picture so here it goes!. Please do not hesitate to contact me. Katie Copus  Windsor, Ontario Canada


I would really like you to look at my site, as I feel I have a lot to offer to a new Dad.  You mentioned today on Twitter and Facebook that you need a pre made shake?  I have just what your looking for.  Grab a baby sling and you can do this one hand.  The best protein shakes anywhere.  I am drinking them every day in preparation for having my baby and will drink them after to keep my energy up.  Not all Protein shakes are made equal.  I can even show you a list of top celebrities who use these on a daily basis if you want.

Perez Hilton Twitter

Want to know how easy they are to mix up?  Or want to hear from a professional just WHY you should be using the best.  Dr. Nick explains here:

Not only do I help people with their health and their weight, you will find out that we are also the leader in anti-aging.  Now what Hollywood Celeb isn’t interested in that.  The product was in Elle, Prosper AND Popular Science Magazine.   People buy this by the case!!!   What is the point of living till your 80 and feeling like 80??  And all those facelifts…WOW.  Something worthwhile for you to look into.  Contact me below I think is something that would be MASSIVE for your website.  WANT A SAMPLE?  Email me below or call me at the number to the right of this post for a special discount 🙂

Your Daddy hood journey has only begun and I am sure we will see a Daddy Perez tab on your website full of inspiring messages for other Dads.  If you ever want baby boy advice I would be glad to help. Big Hugsz to Sweet P ~~~




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