March Break Madness


I know how many people out there plan all year to go away to somewhere hot for March Break, and why not the winter blah’s will get anyone down!

march break getaway

march break getaway



What crazy diet you are willing to do to fit into that ultimate bathing suit? After a Winter’s worth of eating badly you never know how you will look at the end of it all, I think some of you will go away for March Break and come back dying to look better and why not you have the entire summer ahead of you, all those beach days, family picnics, boating, swimming why not want to look your best?

So how did it feel to get away to those fabulous destinations? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could have more vacations to spend with your family, to have the extra money and time to do so? For all those mom’s that skimp and save all year long to afford a vacation, imagine just having it there and working from home to do so…raising your family at home not from the office. Well let me tell you a little something….It’s so possible and many mom’s have done it before you and have become Millionaires in the process. Watch this to find out about starting your own home business.

We have a program that you lose an average of 20lbs per month with out starving yourself with those silly fad diets!! and make a living while losing weight!



Isagenix is the ultimate transformation system to combat the toxins in our environment, improve body structure, slow the aging process and YES, create wealth. Our winning mix of innovative systems, experienced leaders, revolutionary products and generous compensation plan that has produced nearly 100 millionaires—and we’re just getting started.


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The Celebrity wedding diet

Yikes you go for a dress fitting and find that you have gained 5 pounds.  All the stress of planning a wedding, what is a girl to do?   We sometimes get so caught up in the planning of the flowers, cake, hall, guest list, and most importantly the honeymoon that we forget hey I ordered my dress I better NOT gain any weight. Here are some tips to those upcoming brides who want to avoid those extra expenses of letting your dress out!!

Some of the crazy things we will try like the soup diet do not work, you want to have energy the day of your wedding and soup will not cut it ladies, I know you have all tried some crazy things to get ready for your big day but hear me out and I promise the energy you will have after using our system will keep you going all day on your special day!!!


Celebrities are not the only ones who are hearing about


  • It is not a fad diet
  • The company has been helping people lose weight and get healthy for over TEN years.
  • How much can you lose with Isagenix?  20 , 30, 40, 50 or even 100 – 200 lbs safely
  • This is by far the healhiest diet program you will find.  No weighing of food and no meetings to attend.
  • Very easy to do even for busy travellers.
  • Soon to be brides AND grooms do this diet and love it
  • Thousands of testimonials from satisfied clients.

If you want more information regarding Isagenix, please call the toll free number to the right of this page, or use the contact form below.

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