Peter Greenlaw has written a book called “Why Diets are failing us”  I have not seen anyone speak on TV who is so knowledgeable.  He really educated me.

why diets fail peter greenlaw


Peter Greenlaw is the world’s foremost health science investigator on toxins and aging. He’s the author of “Why Diets are Failing Us. You can visit his website. He talks about a product that is close to breast milk and if you read further you will find out what that is and how you can get it

Peter Greenlaw’s story


More than ten years ago. Peter learned that he had cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, and was at very high risk for a heart attack. His doctor’s scary advice was to lose 40 pounds, go on a vigorous exercise and diet program, and use Lipitor. If not, he would not see his kids graduate from high school. At the time he was only 57 years old. What would you do? I think this is a time when most men would look for a way to extend their life and be healthier.
Peter was introduced to a nutritional system that changed his life called Isagenix. Using this system, he lost 20 pounds. To his astonishment he went from a 42-inch waist to a 34-inch waist—a size maintained for the past nine years. In all, he lost more than 30 pounds and has kept them off ever since. More importantly, he continues to be free of the need for prescription drugs—a major triumph.

Peter Greenlaw has been called “the researcher of the researchers.” Spurred by his own experiences, he has devoted 10 years of life to the study of environmental toxins and their effects on disease, obesity, and health. He has conducted more than 1,000 lectures on this subject all over the world. He has been interviewed numerous times on radio and television. Peter’s goal is to change the world by educating all of us on the problems posed by environmental toxicity and what you can do about it. He is also involved with Isagenix, one of the leading companies in cellular cleansing.

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This is a really great book. Peter Greenlaw is an expert on this subject. I am also using this product and LOVE the results.
K Copus


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